Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Is God on the Throne in Your Home?

Put on your creative thinking caps for a moment, and imagine something with me. Imagine God sitting on His throne in Heaven. Now I know that's a concept we have created so we can relate to Him, but I'm not sure if that's how we'll actually see Him. But for the purpose of my point, let's go with that.

He's seated on a throne, because it symbolizes His power and reign over everything; in Heaven and on Earth. The angels surround it glorifying Him, because He is God and is supreme over all. And those of us who will see Him there will bow down worshipping Him because He is God. Right?!

Ok, here's where I need you to kick your imagination into high gear.  Now imagine that God decided, perhaps for just one day, to pick up His throne, and move it to your home?

What if He threw your lazy boy out the door, and in its place, He sat divinely and majestically on His throne in your home?

So, at least for that day, it would be very apparant as to who was in charge in your house, right? There'd be no question as to who was the head and who made all the decisions. That is if God's throne was in your home.

So let me ask you think some things would change in your house? Would it make a difference in what you did and how you acted? Would you and your family interact differently with one another while God's throne was in your home? Are there shows you wouldn't watch? Is there certain music you wouldn't listen to? Would arguments cease? Would you read your Bible and pray more? Would your children be more respectful and obedient, if God's throne was in your home?

If it were a Sunday, would you still gripe in your heart about getting up to go to church? Would you get up to go to church at all? Wife would you be more submissive to your husband as the church submits to Christ; and husband would you be more sacrificially loving to your wife as Christ loves the church?  Would you pray more, obey more, give more, forgive more....if God's throne was in your home?

Well, my sister...if you are a Christian, then God's throne is already in your home. As a blood-bought believer in Christ, your home life, not just your church life, belongs to God. He is the true head of your household. It is His opinion that should matter to us. It is His leadership we must follow. It is His word that must guide us, even at especially at home.

So don't imagine, but rather think about what needs to change knowing that God's trone IS in your home.

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