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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Are You Offended by the Bible in the Drawer?

Try this out. Go to Google search and type in this phrase "Hotels removing Gideon Bibles". Then just glance at all of the headlines, and you'll see that seems to be a trend among hotels now. All of this all because of complaints from athiests and "freedom from religion" groups saying those hotel Bibles are offensive. Offensive!?!

Wait, mean the Bibles that are not lying out on the bed when you walk in but tucked away in a drawer that hardly anyone opens anyway?

You mean the Bible that just sits there and no one is making you even pick up, much less open it and read it?

You mean the Bible that the hotel didn't even have to pay for, but was purchased by the money of kind-hearted, Christian people who are not beating you over the head with it, but are politely tucking it away in that drawer that hardly anyone opens anyway, that Bible?

The one that sits quietly alone in the darkness of that drawer while there is porn on demand on a wide-screen HD tv and single shots of liquor in the mini-bar, when porn and alcohol have ruined more lives than anyone can count...that Bible?

The Bible that tells the story of God's love for the world as shown through His Son Jesus?

The Bible that even if you don't believe in God has a lot of wisdom that will definitely improve your life?

The Bible that even if you don't want to improve your life, is filled with great stories and poetic verse that rivals anything ever written so much so that Hollywood is breaking its neck to crank out movies based on stories from the Bible?

That Bible is offensive?

Oh....ok. Well, if you happen to be one offended by that Bible, then I will pray for you.

I will pray that you will see God's intent when He illuminated His Words and inspired those to write it was not to offend you, but to love you.

I will pray that one day the eyes of your heart will open so that you will know that it is the darkness of sin inside you that is offended by the light of God's truth.

I will pray that even if you are offended, that you will take a chance, or even take a dare, to just pick it up and read it. What do you have to lose but time? You waste plenty of that on lesser things. And if that Word doesn't penetrate your heart and touch something within you, then you can post it to the world...even right here in the comments, that I was wrong about the Bible....but I know I'm not.

Let us all who believe in the Bible pray that it will stay right where it is so it can be close to people who really need it. But even more, let us vow to keep it in our hearts where no one can remove it, and to show it in our lives where no one can ignore it.

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