Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Don't Face One Day Without Relying on God

You ever been so used to not having something, that when you actually do have it, you forget to use it when you need it? too. I know right.....yeah.....crazy ain't it.....yeeeeaah.
Oh....that's right. Now I'm supposed to relate that to a spiritual truth.
Ok, yeah so let me first tell you how that thought even came to mind. So, I have an umbrella. But I hardly ever carry it with me. It spends most of its life in the back seat or trunk of my car. Even if I go to leave the house and it's raining, I don't grab one from home because I figure, well, I've got one in the car. So I trot through the rain. Then if I'm getting out of the car, unless it's raining pretty hard, I just figure I won't melt, and trot through the rain.
I mean, you know how it is. You go dragging that thing around at every hint of rain, you end up losing it. Am I right? Plus, I don't want one more thing to have to carry or keep up with unless I have to. Plus I need one hand free to wave at everybody (that's what us southerners do) and the other free to flip through my phone to check Facebook. I mean let's keep our priorities straight here people.
Well, not too long ago I actually took my umbrella with me. When I got to work, it was only drizzling, but the forecast called for more rain later in the day, so I decided to be unusually cautious. I carried it in and propped up against the wall behind my desk. At the end of the day, I did remember to grab it before I left the office.
When I came out the back door of my building, it was raining. I thought to myself, "Well, I'll pull my collar up and trot through the rain". After about 20 steps out the building, you know doing that neck drawn up, face wrinkled, walking in the rain thing, myself said something to myself. You know how we do that.
Well, myself said to myself "Hey dummy, why are you walking in the rain with neck drawn up and face all wrinkled when you've got an umbrella in your hand?". I looked at the umbrella like "Yeah, you're right". I was so used to making it through the rain without an umbrella that I forgot I had one to use. So I popped it up, and walked on to my car.
Crazy ain't it...I know right...yeeaah.
Oh...still haven't gotten to that spiritual truth yet. Thanks for reminding me. So here it is.
You know I haven't always been saved. In fact I lived longer without Christ as my Savior than I have with Him. My guess is for some of you reading this who are Christians, the same is true for you. Well, because I went so long through this life making it without Him, sometimes I forget that now I don't have to.
Sometimes I catch myself walking into the storms of this life trying to find my way on my own; trying to stand on my own power, trying to figure things out with my own wisdom, trying to face my fears with my own courage. Which when I stop to think about it, that's crazy because I don't have to. It's about as crazy as me walking in the rain with neck drawn, face wrinkled, and an unopened umbrella in my hand as it is for me face one single day without relying on our Mighty God.
My brothers and sisters, let me remind you as I have had to remind myself, that if you have Christ as your Lord, then there is nothing you have to face on your own. No mountain to climb, no valley to cross, no giant to slay, and no heart-breaking loss. God is always with you! So turn to Him, lean on Him, rely on Him, and call on Him. He loves you, and He's waiting for you. And that right there is the truth.

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