Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Bringing Up My GPA - A Morning Prayer

Good morning Lord. Thank You for another day. Help me to see every hour, every minute and every second of this day as precious they are so I will spend them wisely.

Father, I am glad that my girls are doing well in school. They are both working really hard and are very disciplined to stay on top of their assignments. I noticed that they both have come to see the effect every single assignment, every quiz and every test has on their overall grade, either positive or negative. They pay attention to their choices about how hard to study or how much effort to put into an assignment, and know that if they choose to not do an assignment or not to study hard for a test, how much that can quickly impact their average.

Lord, that mindset would have been helpful for me when I was in college. In my first year I did a lot of goofing off and not a lot of studying. I guess all that freedom was a bit much for me to handle, because I didn't handle it well. After failing some classes my first year and being placed on academic probation, I thank You that You helped me to see the need to tighten up. So I did.

I went back to school after that summer with a determination to pull my grades up. I buckled down, went to all my classes, and studied hard. After that semester, I was anxious to see my grades because I was confident they would be much better; and they were, but.... I was still disappointed. My overall GPA had not moved up that much. That's when I realized that it would be much harder for me to climb out of that academic hole than it was for me to dig my way into it. So I knew that I had to stay committed, and that to bring up my average it would take a lot of good grades to overcome the bad ones.

Lord, I see that life is in a lot of ways like school. There are times I have worked hard, and there are times that I goofed off. On that report card in Heaven with my name on it, there are some good grades and some bad grades. Father, the truth I'm trying to stay focused on is that as I dedicate my life to serving You in Your kingdom, I can mess up and do one bad thing that will overshadow a hundred good things. One really bad grade can drop my average.

And I don't mean how You see it from Your eyes Lord, because You grade me on a curve called grace that is only possible because of what Jesus did, and that I believe in Him. But I mean in the eyes of the "great cloud of witnesses" as Your Word says. I know that I stand to be judged by only Your eyes, but I do stand as a witness for You in the eyes of everyone around me. And I don't want my spiritual GPA to be a poor witness for You.

Lord thank You so much for sticking with me through life. You never gave up even when I wanted to. My average is not 100, but it has greatly improved. Thanks for helping me to make sure my good grades outweigh my bad ones. On the wall in my office at work, I have a college diploma that bears witness that Your grace brought me out of an academic hole. Then there's a certificate of ordination on my wall here that bears witness that Your grace brought me out of a spiritual hole too. Thank You for improving the averages in my life.

I love You. In Jesus name. Amen.

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