Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Monday, July 30, 2018

Run to God!

If there was something fairly simple you could do to add years to your life, would you do it? You would? You sure?
So, I some time back I read an article in the USA Today that said runners live on average 3 years longer than non-runners. I think it's been a known fact for a long time of the health-promoting, life-sustaining benefits of running . The "breaking news" of the article was that whether you run just 30 minutes of two hours a week didn't make a difference, just as long as you run. I personally think they need to study that part a little more.
Nevertheless, it is indisputable that exercising in general, running specifically, improves your health and improves your odds for living longer. And I am sure we could all imagine lying one day on a bed of dead wishing we could get another 3 years. So we're going to start running regularly to add years to our lives...right?
One would think with that news, by next week, we would have a hard time finding room to drive our cars for all the people out jogging around. Then what if we add to that all the other things we already know. We'd see cigarette companies go out of business, because we know they give you everything from increased risk of heart disease to lung cancer, right? Candy bars and snack cakes would go stale on shelves because of all the diabetes they cause, right? Beer, wine and liquor bottles would be poured out around the world because of all the DWI's, traffic deaths, broken families, and ruined lives they're responsible for, right? Everyone's internet speeds would drastically improve because of all the mind-corrupting, marriage-wrecking porno sites shutting down...right?
Maya Angelou famously said "...Now that I know better, I do better." I wish that were true for all people in all cases. I wish it were true for me. But the truth is, there is a vast divide between knowing what to do, and doing what we know. A gap that seems not that wide, because we can easily see to the other side. A lot of this stuff doesn't even take a leap of faith; it just makes sense. But it's obviously terrifyingly deep because we rarely try to cross it. Trust me, I understand the fear.
I pray that we all take some of this knowing better and turn it into doing better so that we can live happier, healthier, if not longer lives. But my friends, it there be no other chasm that we commit to cross, let it at least be the one that matters the most. And that be the one between knowing God, even believing God is real, and committing our lives to Him through His Son Jesus!
See just like some will read "Run regular, live longer" and say "Heh, ok...whateva!"; some will hear me or any of the millions of others on the Gospel mission say "Love Jesus, Live Forever", and still say "Heh, ok...whateva!". I understand that response, because at one time that was my response. I know firsthand that the gap between a life without Jesus and one with Him seems really deep. I remember well the fear of letting go and taking that step. But trust me, it's not that wide. It simply takes believing in your heart that Jesus is all the Bible says He is, and then confessing to someone that you do. That's all.
So don't let a little laziness keep you from living longer. And certainly don't let a little faithleness keep you from living forever. Run to God!

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