Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Friday, June 15, 2018

September 5, 1971 - ?

Good morning Lord. Thank You for another day. I feel pretty tired this morning' but I'm still ready to do Your work. Show me what You want me to do.

Lord, as You know, sometime back I was teaching a lesson on Your power; in particular, Your power over death. To get the class' attention, I gave them a mock obituary with my picture on it with the dates Sept 5 1971- (whatever that day's date was). Father, not only did it spark conversation about death, but it also caused me to do a lot of thinking about my own.

The truth is Lord, one day people will be sitting around looking at a folded piece of paper with my picture on the front. It will display two dates; one date I know what it is, and the other I do not what it will be. On the inside there will probably a nice poem that my family will pick on the left, and on the right side will be a short summary of the life I lived between those two dates. Hopefully it will say some nice things about me..that are true, and hopefully it won't be too hard to find some nice things to say. It will list those close to me who have gone ahead of me, as well as those left behind. On the back will be listed the names of the ladies nice enough to carry my flowers, and the guys nice enough to carry me. Then there will be a note of thanks to those who showed kindness to my family and will likely invite them back to the church to share in some chicken as their reward. Those there who knew me well would be eating that chicken thinking "Eric sure would like a piece of this".    Lord, that will all be for day.

Father no matter how I or anyone else may feel about death, it's something we one day must face. And though there are things I can do and ways I can live that may delay or hasten it, ultimately my death is in Your hands. And Father of all the mysteries You hold that I would Ike to know, how and when my death will be is something best left unknown.

So Lord, it will suffice for me to know that it will come one day, and because of You I will be ready. Therefore, in the time that I have to live, help me to live. Show me Father how to make what I do in these temporary days last for an eternity. Make my life matter, not so much to others, but to You. And Lord it's ok if no one says nice things about me at my funeral just as long as when I meet You I can hear You say 'well done!'.

Lord thank You for my life and thank You for filling it with love. I love You too. In Jesus name. Amen.

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