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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Protector of My Soul

I was just reading in Psalm 121. It starts off with..."I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth." (V 1&2). Ok, I got that. I can easily say a big Amen over that because I have certainly found that to be true.

But then it goes on to make several points about how God protects us. Verse 3 says He will not let us stumble. In verse 5&6 He stands as a protective shade from the sun and moon. Verse 7 God says He will preserve us from all evil. Then I had a big light bulb to pop on over my head, but it was in the shape of a question mark. I had an honest, but reverent question for the Lord. How is it that He shades and protects and preserves me, but I still feel the effects of evil? I still suffer from pain and heartache and trouble in my life just like anyone else. How does that line up with what I'm reading? But then it was like I heard the Lord say, "Keep reading dummy" (no He didn't say that). The end of verse 7 in the King James Version says..."He shall preserve thy soul." Ooooh! Ok.

See, it's like this. You as a person, are not a body with a soul. You are a soul with a body. Your soul is who you are, and your body is just the shell in which it lives. The bible refers to it as our tabernacle, or tent. If you don't believe that then I wish you could meet a student I had when I was teaching. He was in an accident and was paralyzed from the neck down. For all intents and purposes his shell of a body was lifeless, only sustained by a breathing machine piped into him through his trachea. It was hard to hear him talk, but when you did, you realized that he was very much alive on the inside. He was smart, and he had thoughts and feelings and ideas. He was a great kid, and I was inspired by him and his mother who sat in every class with him to take notes.

One day all of us will shed that shell, but the person we are, our soul, will live on. Of course if you know anything of the bible, you know it teaches that our soul will live forever, either in the presence of God in Heaven, or separated from Him in Hell. And I believe that.

So I understand better now that God will protect me by protecting my soul. Though I  get sick, feel pain, and get my feelings hurt, no one or no thing can touch my soul. Hallelujah!  I think of it like wearing a bullet proof vest. The bullets will still fly, and when they hit they will still hurt. But the bullets can't get deep inside to where I could be hurt the most. God is my protection.

I hope He is yours too. It would be nice if these words in Psalm 121 applied to everyone. But they only apply to those who apply it to themselves. God can only protect you if you believe in Him through His Son Jesus. We have a choice to put on that bullet-proof vest. And I've made my choice. Have you?

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