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Monday, August 8, 2016

Because I Said So!

Let me ask you something. How did it make you feel when you heard these words as a kid...."Because I said so!"?
Yeah, remember that? You were told do something, or to stop doing something, and uncontrollably that one, 3-letter word came bellowing out of your little mouth..."Why?!". And whether you asked that as a sign of defiance or you honestly and simply wanted to know, it may have been abruptly and firmly met in response with...(say it with me now) "Because I said so!". Well, I don't know about you, but it hurt my little feelings back then. I thought it was a cold, if not mean response to a valid question. Especially since it was coming from my parents who I thought loved their lil baby boy.
You know these days, not too many kids hear that response. Some how we have gotten to the point as parents that we feel like it's necessary that we reason with our children. That in order for them to fully obey us they must fully understand us. And even in some cases, I have seen parents in an attempt to explain themselves to their children, they end up negotiating with their children. But you know, the truth is that a child, or a teenager for that matter, is not going to always understand the reason behind all the things we tell them to do or not do.
Like when I was a boy, it really made no sense to me that I needed to make my bed up every morning. For Pete sake, I was going to mess it right back up that night. Or what was so wrong with me eating a candy bar for breakfast? I was hungry and it was what I had the taste for, so. Not to mention, I thought it was more efficient because with a candy bar I didn't have to mess up any dishes. After all the wrapper was the plate and my fingers were the fork, and I could lick both of those clean. So to those commands and others, I couldn't help but to ask "Why?!", which was quickly met with "Because I said so!". And guess what? I might not have had sense enough to not ask "why" the first time, but I certainly had sense enough not to ask it a second time. I might not be the smartest, but I am certainly no D-U-M-Y!
Of course now as an adult, and especially as a father, I truly understand all the "why's" behind the things my parents commanded me to do. Wisdom gained through living life and reading the Bible have helped me to understand that my parents weren't being tyrants. They were loving me and getting me to do what was best regardless if I understood why or not. And I love them and thank them for that.
And so it is with God. As His child now, there are areas where the things He says we are or are not to do makes perfect sense. But I must say there are some other areas where I just don't understand. And there were times early in my Christian life that I felt like I needed to understand it before I could obey it. But I have come to realize two things. 1-Believing in God means trusting in God, especially when I don't understand God. 2- God loves me and He is a good Father to me, and He would never command me to do something that is not in my best interest.
So if you have a relationship with God through His son Jesus, I encourage you to keep on striving to know God better through His word and prayer. And in the process of knowing Him better, you will start to understand the "why's" behind His commands. But in the mean time, I also encourage you to trust God and to display your faith by obeying Him. Let's especially heed John 14:15 which says "If ye love me, keep my commandments." Let's love God by doing what He says, if for no other reason than...because He said so!

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