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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Am I Sanctified Enough? (A Morning Prayer)

Good morning Lord. Thank You for another day. Thank You for my health. I pray for healing and strength for the many people I know who are sick. If You choose not to take it away, please give them a sign that You will see them through.
Father, I'm not sanctified enough am I? The word sanctification shows up in the Bible a lot, so it must be something that is very important to You. Growing up hearing the word sanctified seemed to only be applied to certain denominations. And it looked to me like it only meant rules about how one dressed or the things they could and could not do. But now that I understand a little better, I see that it is something that applies to all of us who call ourselves Christians.
So, since it is important to You, I have been doing a lot of thinking on it for a long time. When I first got saved, I looked it up and various books say it means to be consecrated. Ok, so that was just another word I had to look up. So I learned that consecrated means to be set apart for a holy purpose and a sacred use. When I ponder that definition, I still can't help but have that same questions come to mind..I'm not sanctified enough am I?
Lord, You remember, some time back I was in the middle of teaching bible study and came across the word consecrated. The word was not central to the lesson I was teaching, and I didn't plan to focus on it. But I think You could still see that big question mark hovering over my head. So You taught through me and out comes this explanation about what it means to be sanctified.
With Your leading, I asked, what was the purpose of the church we were sitting in. Those in bible study gave various answers. Then I asked wasn't that a perfectly good building that could be used for other things; move the pews and it is certainly big enough to hold a dance; leave the pews in and it's a great place to have bingo, can just call the numbers from the pulpit; perfectly good sound system to have a secular singing contest or even karaoke night; add a heater and few air jets and the baptismal would make a nice hot tub.
I remember the look on the people's faces like that was the most absurd thing they had ever heard, and rightly so. I and they understood that the church is consecrated and sanctified; set apart for a holy purpose and a sacred use. Even lukewarm Christians who only come on Christmas and Easter would think it to be appalling to do some of these other things in the church, because the church is not made for that.
Father, I realize that now that I am saved and bought with a price that was paid by Jesus' very life, I am now just as much Your temple as that church we were sitting in, if not more so. Yet, I sometimes allow what You have set apart to be sacred to be used for the profane; I have given place in what You call to be holy for the ungodly. I have allowed words out of my mouth that would never be tolerated in the church. I have set about activities that would never be allowed in the church. So, when I ask the question, am I sanctified enough, then I know the answer has to be... no.
Lord, I am glad that sanctification is not a one shot deal, else I may have missed it. But it's a process, and I know You are not through with me yet. Help me to stop thinking, saying and doing all of the things that are not pleasing to You. I know that I am not made for that. Sanctify me Lord so that I may be used for Your holy purpose.
I love You and I want to show You by how I live. In Jesus name. Amen.

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