Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

God is the Silver Lining in My Cloud

On one particular Saturday I was on a mission to get my grass cut. See, it had been two weeks since I'd cut it. It wasn't because I wanted to wait that long, or I was too lazy to cut it. I had been so busy, plus a string of storm filled afternoons just made it that way. So even though I had somewhere to be the first part of the day this past Saturday, I was determined to cut my grass when I got back home.
One of the challenges I had not thought about much in advance was that by the time I got back home it was the hottest part of a very humid day. I cut my grass with a push mower, and I knew that doing so that time of the day would be tough, if not dangerous. But I worried that if I waited til later in the evening when it cooled off some, I ran the risk of another storm rolling up on me. So, I filled my belly with water, donned my straw hat and ventured out into the heat.
Not even 20 minutes into it, I realized just how oppressive this task was going to be. The sun was beaming, and I was steaming. As the sweat poured down my whole body, I felt like I was shribbling up like when Sponge Bob ventures out of the water (come on, you know you've watched Sponge Bob).
But just then, I could see a heavenly shadow crawl across the grass I was cutting. I looked up to see a blanket of clouds move in across the sky. My first thought was...."Oh no, more rain! I'll never get this grass cut". So I picked up my pace trying beat the storm that I was sure to come. After a few minutes, I noticed how much more bearable it was with the clouds shielding me from the sun. That's when it dawned on me....Those clouds weren't there to hinder me. They were there to help me. Do you know I was able to finish cutting, weed-eating, and driveway blowing under that cool cover of clouds. And as God as my witness, as soon as I put my last piece of equipment back into my garage, that's when the rain started to fall.
Come on now, many of you know me, and most of you at least know my writing, so you know this post is not about the perils of cutting grass in the summer. It's about life. In particular my life with God. See, even though that was a true blessing from the Lord at a time when He knew that I needed it; and standing in my yard, I audibly thanked Him for that. But more importantly, it was a reminder to me that not every cloud that comes my way is meant for my bad. In fact, God can take every single one of them and make it for my good. I can look back over my life and think of countless times where disappointments, rejections, and bad news turned out to be divine appointments, protection and blessings.
So now, I try to remember that in whatever situation I find myself, before I complain about the cloud, to instead stop and try to see how God has sent it as my help for that day or a blessing for tomorrow. Sometimes that's not immediately recognizable. So, I just try to trust the Lord and believe Him when He told me that "All things will work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28.
I know that means me, because I sure do love Him. And I hope that means you too.

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