Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Friday, May 27, 2016

I've Considered the Ant

My Morning Prayer...

Good morning Lord. Thank You for another day. Lord give me the strength I need to make sure all of my steps on this day are towards You and not away from You.

Lord...they're back. Yep, ants have awakened from their winter slumber and they're back at their vain attempt to move in with me. Every year as the weather warms, I start to see one or two here and there which prompts me to start laying out my defenses. Usually after a couple of weeks of my spraying and treating, they give up and make themselves satisfied with their own homes outside, I suppose.

Father, they are fascinating creatures, I must say. It is amazing to me how those tiny, seemingly brainless insects can work together to do so much. I have seen small trenches they have laid out in the yard that serve as highways from one place to another. I have seen one ant carry something much bigger than itself. I understand they can carry something up to 50 times their own weight. I have seen a few ants coordinate their efforts to drag an object like a stick from one point to another. I read that ants can do lots of other amazing things too. Like, some ants farm. They actually cultivate and fertilize their own fungus crops to eat. I also read that some ant colonies will enslave other ants. Either the outsider ant will wander in or they will go out and capture one; they keep them in the colony and make them work. They're amazing creatures, but I guess I shouldn't be so surprised considering You made them.

God, thinking about those ants has helped me to see Your power even more clearly. Because You are such a big God, and You created the whole universe and You are everywhere all at the same time, sometimes I look for You in the big things. And You certainly are in the the big things in life. When I see mountains, I see You. When I see the sun, I see You. When I look at pictures of the vast universe with all of its planets and stars and far-away galaxies, I am reminded that You are real. But also Lord, when I see the tiny things, like those ants, and all the amazing qualities and abilities that could only have been created and orchestrated by Your holy hand, I am also reminded by that, that You are real.

And even though I can see You alive and well in all things both great and tiny, there is something comforting to me about seeing You in the small things. I know that compared to the whole universe, or compared to the billions of people in the world, I am just one little speck. I am but one drop of water in a global ocean of people. My needs, my wants, my problems, my hopes, my fears, my issues, really in the scope of all creation are like the one ant scurrying on the forest floor. But seeing those ants remind me that as small as they are, You are watching over and directing everyone of them. And so I know You are watching over me too. In the eyes of the world, I may get lost in the vastness of all creation, but I know I am never forgotten by You. And for that, I am grateful.

Father, You tell us in Your word that we'd be wise to consider the ants. I understand why. Thank You for always making me feel important to You and loved by You. I love You too. In Jesus name. Amen.