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Monday, January 14, 2013

If it Tastes Good, Spit it Out!

"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord." 
Romans 6:23
One of the of the funniest pieces of advice on dieting I have ever heard, and possibly the truest, is 'If it tastes good...spit it out!'. You ever heard that before? Not only is that statement somewhat amusing and pretty accurate, its also slightly sad. I mean it does seem to be the case that the foods that taste the best are possibly the worst for you. I mean come goes on and on. But as harsh of a fact that may be, the truth is we either accept the fact and live healthy, or reject the truth and live unhealthy. 

For decades, probably some of our smartest scientists have been grinding away in labs all over the world; not the ones trying to find a cure for cancer, or the ones developing the latest vaccine; I'm talking about the ones who have been trying to get around the truth that a lot of what tastes good to us and what we crave is bad for our health. So they have been working on artificial sweeteners and low-fat alternatives so we can have all the taste and less the calories. I will leave it up to someone else's blog site to argue whether what they have come up with is effective or safe. Nevertheless, we as people are always looking for a way to enjoy our indulgences without paying the price, because if it tastes good, we don't want to spit it out.

When it comes to our spiritual lives, we pretty much want the same thing. There are things that our sinful flesh wants, craves and enjoys doing, though they are not good for us or the people around us. And since the Lord knows that we might now have the sense to know the difference, He instructs us in His word on those things that are good for us and those that are bad for us. When we go against what God tells us, that's called sin. And those of us who know anything of God and anything about the Bible, we know what sin is. But some of it we crave so bad, that we try to figure out how we can enjoy some of our sin with little to no consequences. So we try to do one of two things. Sometimes we try to make out our sin to not really be bad at all. Like if instead of paying your bills and honoring God with your tithe, you blow a good chunk of your check on lottery tickets. But you justify it by saying, 'if I win, I'm gonna give a tenth to the church'.  Or the other thing we do is, we indulge in that sin, knowing that it's wrong, then come and ask the Lord for forgiveness, but not really having any intention of turning away from that sin.

The truth is a lot of the foods that taste really good are high in calories and fats and cholesterol and salt and whatever else that's not good for us. And if we want to avoid things like diabetes and high blood pressure and heart disease and all the other bad consequences, we have to accept that those good foods are bad for us. Likewise, we have to accept that the thoughts, talk and actions that we sometimes enjoy very much have bad consequences. The bible says that "The wages of sin is death...". That means spiritual death which is to be separated from God and tormented in the lake of fire forever. 

So, I'll leave it up to you to decide if that advice regarding your diet is good advice or not. But when it comes to the sin in your life, I hope you will consider, If it tastes good, spit it out!

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