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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Real Meaning of Easter.

Easter is such a wonderful celebration. The meaning behind it is beautiful in and of itself, but for it to come in the spring of the year is just great. Many of us feel closed in by the cold winter weather, and then as the temperature rises and the flowers begin to bloom, we are drawn out to partake in the newness of God's creation.

But the world has taken this Christian celebration, and transformed it to be more acceptable to their non-Christian ways. An empty tomb, a resurrected Savior, and a soon-coming King, is too much for a world that desires to live contrary to God. So, on the first Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox which occurs on March 21, we have Easter. Way back in history, pieces of other pagan (non-Cristian) rituals were mixed in to make it easier for the world to tolerate. The word Easter is believed to come from the pagan god Eastre who was worshiped in England centuries ago at the time of spring. The rabbit and eggs were also incorporated into those rituals as they were symbols of fertility and new beginnings. So over the centuries, the world has taken those symbols and combined them with our special time of Easter.

I am not saying that we shouldn't do the Easter bunny and candy eggs and other traditions we have. They were fun for me as a child, and I enjoy doing them with my children. But never let us forget the Real Meaning of Easter.

Jesus lived only that He may die for our sins. But He promised that after three days, He would rise again, and He did. Those close to Him went to the tomb seeking their Lord, but they found nothing but the cloths that wrapped His body. An angel appeared and said, "He is not here, for He is risen."

Jesus' resurrection is proof that His word is true, and that we serve a living God. And as He promised to rise, He has also promised to return. He will come again, but not as the lamb that was slain, but as a lion who will reign. Never forget the real meaning of Easter.

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  1. Good history...I didn't know this. God is truly amazing and I thank HIM for Easter and for all things!