Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Too Have A Dream!

Today is the birthday of Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This picture is one taken during his speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, August 28, 1963. The speech was famously titled, "I Have a Dream". I have a dream too.....

I too have a dream...that one day God's people, those born again of the spirit, will rise up and not just be able to quote God's word, but also be able to live it.

I too have a dream...that one day on the red hills of Hollister, former alcoholics, drug addicts, and all of us who have fallen short of the glory will turn our backs to our sinful ways and lift up our eyes to Heaven from whence cometh our help; and the only time we look back or look down is to help our brother or sister who has fallen by the way.

I too have a dream...that one day even in Hollister, a community whose light has been dimmed by a lack of opportunity and an abundance of hopelessness, will be transformed into a beacon of hope, a lighthouse warning travelers of all the dangers toils and snares, and guiding the lost to Jesus Christ...I too have a dream.

I too have a dream...that my 2 children can live in a place where they won't be measured by the sum of their possessions, but regarded for the contents of their hearts.

I too have a dream...that one day the 17 churches in Hollister will no longer allow ourselves to be divided by the thin but high walls of skin color, denomination, and worship style, and realize that we are truly one body, under one God, with one mission. I too have a dream.

I have a dream that all our churches will come together and pray til it changes and give til it hurts so that one day we can't find a mother who has to worry how she will feed her baby, or a father who has to wonder how he will pay a bill, or a grandmother who can only wish she could buy medicine and food. I have a dream too.

Like Dr. King, I too have a dream. I may not have had to stand at the back of a bus or sit on the floor of a prison, but I have had to watch too many of my brothers, black, white and red, who have had their years stolen by the enemy. I have seen too many mommas crying over their children who will hardly come home, much less come to church. I have seen too many who have done too much and were gone too soon.

But in spite of all that, I still have a dream.

My God says that He will never leave me and never forsake me; He says that He will provide for all of my needs according to His riches in glory; He promises that there is nothing that can separate me from His love, and He says that all things work together for the good of those who love Him...and I sure do love Him.

So with that in mind I know I can dream too; and if you think about it, so can you!

Rev. Eric Evans


Try Jesus!


  1. EXCELLENT speech. I concur with you my brother. Thanks for sharing!

    Rev. James Bellamy

  2. What a message Pastor Eric! This really leaped in my spirit. My message here to everyone I meet is to wear God's heart like a garmet. If we arise every morning with the intent of loving the way HE does with his same heart we can move people towards the cross. Anything outside of that as I told a friend the other day crucifies our precious Lord all over again. We have to get self out of the way, allow God to crucify our flesh and carry the same compassion that Christ had for us that day at Calvary and continues to have for his children today. To allow the spirit of God to be so manifested within us that when we walk into a room people fall on their faces in honor of the presence of God that is in us. Its all about LOVE. God is LOVE. Through that love we can move mountains and we can represent him in all holiness and all righteousness according to his word. We love you and your family. Continue to carry the message! Jimmy, Brenda and Landon Strickland

  3. Your Dream is Beautiful! 29yrs ago when I moved down here from up north I never saw so much prejedice than here in the south. I thought I was back in the 50's. How can so many people go to church every sunday, and say they love God,who they can't see, but your brother who u can see u don't love cause of the color of his skin. I thank God for the love he has instill in my heart for all people. That would be a wonderful dream if all the churches would come together as one. God Bless you and your family for the good works that you're doing in Walnut Grove.

  4. Eric, I am filled with tears reading this. Awesome speech and so true. Your dream may be for Hollister but "the church" needs this everywhere. We worship separately but want to bring unity in the My heart is to have a huge Multicultural Conference bringing together your "dream". I hear your heart. Thank you for an awesome dream.
    Sherry Barrett

  5. How wonderful it will be when the Lord brings your dream to fruition. I have always said that if all the churches just took on one mission in the community we would have a better place to live. Although I'm bot living there now, on Sunday morning on my way to church i see people worshiping at "Dollar General Temple", Esses Auto parts, Journigans, Cleo's Quick Stop and the car wash. If they only knew that if they would take a couple of hours and give to the Lord their lives would be so much more enriched. You are such a great example to everyone in the community. Continue to do what you do. You are Divinely Annointed!!!

    1. Thank you Sister. You're right, as small as we are as a community and as many churches as we have, if we agreed to work together on one thing, we would make a tremendous impact. Unfortunately, Satan's plan of divide and conquer is working pretty well. But, We ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS!

  6. That is so beautiful, having briefly lived in Hollister, and having family there, I know exactly what you are talking about. The community really needs to come together, there could be some positive that could come out of there. As small as Hollister is, with all it's churches is ashame that more is being done in the community. I'm glad that you are so committed to doing God's work, there are more people than against you, remember that. Most importantly though, remember: If God be for YOU; who can be against YOU. God bless you Pastor Eric. Beautiful, it doesn't have to just be a dream, however, every great person who made a difference in their, town,county, state, country, world all started with a DREAM!!!!! keep dreaming and believing.