Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Real Christmas Gift

One night up in heaven, God started to plan
To send down a gift, for every woman and man
He looked down to earth, to decide what to give
And He couldn't believe, how we'd chosen to live.

Murder and hatred, and greed did abound
Though churches all over, His word scarcely found
It's not what He wanted, it's not how He planned
How were we so far, from where He began?

He had an idea, but He'd have to be swift
For there wasn't much time, to send this great gift
So He reached in His heart, and gathered His love
Then He chose Him a box, as He peered from above.

The box was a woman, highly favored of God
And the bow that He picked, to many seemed odd
The bow was a manger, the packing was hay
God wrapped His great gift, in a miraculous was.

So when you go shopping, with a present to buy
Consider God's present, a gift from on high
For what this world needs, not a scarf or a glove
But the real Christmas gift, which is only God's love

By Rev. Eric Evans

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