Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There Is Hope for You!

Job 17:15 "Where then is my hope? Who can see any hope for me?"

If you are familiar with the story of Job, then you can understand why he would ask,
"Where then is my hope?". Job lost his possessions, his family, and his health. The only thing left to lose other than his life was all hope.

Many of you reading this can empathize with Job. Maybe it has been so long since you have seen a mountain top, you think all that's left is the valley. Maybe you have been through a viscous and downward spiraling cycle that has taken you from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. Sometimes when I preach, I can see that kind of weariness in the eyes of the heavy laden. The look that says, "I give up". Sometimes that look can be seen in my own eyes.

I believe if you look within yourself, you will see what Job saw, and what I have seen. If you dig down and pull back the rubble that has piled up in your life, the sickness, the broken promises, the financial ruin, the failed marriage, whatever it is, just pull it back and you will see that under all of that debris, is still a seed of faith. Now you may be saying, "no all my faith is gone, there's too much bad for me to believe in anything good". Trust me, that seed of faith is still there. How do I know? Look in the mirror. Get close enough for your breath to fog it up, and you will see...You're still here! If it wasn't for that seed of faith, what you have been through would have killed you or caused you to lose your mind.

See, its that faith that gives you hope. Hebrews 11:1 says "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for..." Though Job wavered, complained and doubted, he still had faith enough to say, 'Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him." (Job 13:15) That seed of faith gave him hope.

The Hebrew word for hope is tigvah (tik-vah) and its literal meaning is a chord, rope or string. So when you feel like everything is going wrong, and you are hanging on by a string, hope is that string. So I say to you, if you think all hope is lost, tie a knot in that string and hang on! As long as you have faith in God, you just know...There Is Hope For You!

Try Jesus!

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  1. That is a really good sermon snippet. We all go through things in which we can't seem to see the end, but God is always there with us. Even when we loose our way. I have been through alot in my life at a very young age & approached death more times than I'd like to, but for whatever reason God has seen fit to keep me here. Just based on that I feel that whatever it is, it is my job to do as he needs me to & keep the hope. Even when my illnesses creep up on me & try to tear down the hope that I have & make me feel like I just can't go on, I hang on to that hope.It may not be that moment,the next day or that month that my healing comes, but the Lord has blessed it to come & for that reason I have hope. For when all is said & done, Jesus is still alive & he has done more than his fair share for me.