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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When God Says Go....

1 Kings 17: 2,3 "And the word of the LORD came unto him, saying,Get thee hence, and turn thee eastward, and hide thyself by the brook Cherith, that is before Jordan."

When you read of Elijah's story in 1 Kings 17, you will see the prophet received several commands from God to...Go. God tells him to Go and hide by the brook Cherith, then later the brook dries up and He tells Elijah to Go to Zarephath to meet a widow where He would provide for him, and Elijah would save her son. Then the Lord tells him to Go and deliver a message to King Ahab. God did great and mighty things through Elijah only because he was quick to obey Him no matter the challenge or the perceived outcome. When God said GO, Elijah would GO.

There is a song I like that Karen Clark-Sheard sang that says, "The safest place in the whole wide world is in the will of when God says Go...Go!" That is so true. Sometimes God says stay, but many times He says GO! Think of others in the bible. What if Abraham didn't Go into the land that God promised to show him, or Moses didn't Go down to Egypt and deliver the children of Israel, or Jeremiah didn't Go down to the potters house, or Naaman didn't Go down to the Jordan to be healed. What if Jesus didn't Go up on Calvary to die for your sins?

What if I didn't Go down to the alter that Sunday morning about 11 years ago, or Go to my pastor and tell him the Lord had called me to preach about 9 years ago, or Go to my desk and type this blog tonight about 10 minutes ago? What if?

I know where you are in your life, your relationships, your job, your church, or your ministry may be really familiar and really comfortable, but perhaps God is telling you to Go. Don't Go for the wrong reasons though. Elijah went and hid in the cave out of fear, and God asked him "What doest thou here". Don't Go out of fear, or desire for notoriety, or to follow the crowd, or for selfish ambition. But listen for His still small voice, and if He is telling you to Go, its because He wants to bless you or be a blessing through you, or both.

So when God says Go......Go!


Try Jesus!

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