Sermon "Skill in Your Hand & God in Your Heart"

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Matthew 8:1-3 "When he came down from the mountainside, large crowds followed him. A man with leprosy came and knelt before him and said, "Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean." Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. "I am willing," he said. "Be clean!" Immediately he was cured of his leprosy.

We use the word footprint to describe a lot of things. We talk about footprints in the sand, footprints across my heart, and the footprint of a house. We can even calculate our carbon footprint, which is a measurement of our negative impact on the environment. Specifically, a footprint is the mark or impression made by a foot. Its what you leave behind when you track through a room, or walk down a path. Every where we go, we leave our footprints, both literally and figuratively.

Jesus here in Matthew left His footprint in the life of this man with leprosy. He was suffering from an incurable, highly contagious, socially degrading disease. When no one else would even get close to him, Jesus reached out and touched him. That was probably enough to fill his heart with joy. But the Savior didn't stop there. He healed him. He cured the incurable, and gave hope to him who was hopeless. What a footprint Jesus left in that man's life.

Metaphorically speaking, we too leave our footprints in the lives of others. With the things we say and do, we leave our mark or impression. That can either be a good footprint or a bad one. We may meet someone momentarily and leave a shallow impression, with either a smile or maybe a harsh word. For some others, we leave a deep and lasting impression that can affect them negatively or positively for the rest of their life.

Right now, close your eyes and think of someone who has left their footprints in your life, either good or bad. If the person you are thinking of has left a bad mark in your life, maybe even a scar, forgive them in your heart, and pray that God will help you to never leave a bad impression like that in someone else's life. If you are thinking of someone who left a good impression in your life, do whatever you can to pay it forward, and be that same kind of influence in the life of someone else. Also, thank that person if you have the chance.

Remember, wherever you go, you are always leaving your footprints.

Try Jesus!


  1. Your words are so true and profound. I once had a Pastor's wife who left absolutely admonishing footprints upon my life. She was a great woman of God. She loved her husband & children, her church & community, and most of all her Lord. She was a woman of goodness & grace. When she was walking through my life and leaving those footprints I had no idea that I would one day be a pastor's wife myself. Now I strive to walk with love and grace to leave only positive footprints in the lives of my daughters and the others, especially women, who the Lord allows me to minister to on this Christian journey.

    Please allow me to encourage you. I have visited this blog site a couple of times before now. You are leaving footprints in the lives of those who visit this site and enjoy the Word that you minister via this technology. I commend you for this work...keep it up. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Thank you Sister Bateman. I appreciate your encouragement and certainly covet your prayers.

    I would like to take a moment and thank two people who have definitely left good footprints in my life. My sister Jimille and her husband Mike. They have been working hard for the Lord for a long time. When they first started dating, I guess I was 7 or so and they were teenagers. I was impressed then on how they lived for God at that age and really used their gifts for His kingdom. It did me good to see them so involved in church and yet were so happy and had fun, and enjoyed life. That made the Christian life appealing to me as compared to the stuffiness I saw in other Christians who were older adults.

    Then when I was around 16 or 17 I had the chance to play drums for them for about a year and travel with them in ministry. Mike took time to teach me how to play drums when I was 12 or 13 (he is one of the best drummers I have ever heard by the way). He was busy I know, and he didn't have to do it, but he took up time with me and that meant a lot.

    They were doing God's work and having fun, and it was great for me to be a part of that. I was not saved at the time but God was drawing me and preparing me for my own ministry.

    Jimille was the secretary at the high school I went to when I was in 9th grade. I rode to school with her some days and she would let me work concession with her at football and basketball games, and she was taking up time with me, particularly at a very impressionable age. Hearing her use her amazing voice for God has been awesome. She has such a powerful voice, and really sings from her heart with a deep and passionate love for God. She helped me to overcome my shyness in singing and to believe in my own voice.

    Over the years Mike and Jimille have really left deep and lasting footprints in my life and I thank God for them. Any of you reading this who may have heard the Mills Family sing and minister, you should know that they are the real deal, they are living what they sing, and God has truly anointed them to do what they do.

    Reverend Evans